YOMYM 2 Tier Kitchen Shelf Organizers Rack Bathroom Cabinet Shelf Organizer Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Stainless Steel Storage Rack Expandable Under Sink Organizer White

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Product Overview

  • Material: stainless steel piping and removable durable plastic shelves, this expandable under sink storage rack can be arranged to adjust it to fit around any pipes, ditch the over the sink shelf and expands your under the sink space with a stacking shelves organizer.

  • Multi-functional 2 tiers storage sink racks: Suitable for bathroom standing shelf storage, kitchen cabinet organizers and storage, pantry shelf organizer, counter spice racks organization, under desk side shelf stand or bathroom storage under sink shelf organizer, also can be used as a bookshelf, spicy shelf, shoe shelf, toy rack.

  • Adjustable Shelf: the length of the shelves can be adjusted from 15.35 inches to 25.98 inches to adapt narrow place ; Height: 14.96 inches; Width: 10.23 inches.The height can be adjusted to 10.23 inches but is not recommended.

  • A unique small under cabinets shelf stacking racks, easy to clean, easy to use, pullout and install. safe and durable, creates usable storage space for your home. For a simpler installation, we recommend to modulate the pipe width you want before assembly.

  • But notice, it is not recommended to place large weight devices, for example microwave and oven. And it is better to put heavier items in two sides to make it stable.

  • Color : White

  • Size : 15.35L/25.98 L X14.96H X10.23W inches

Are you frustrated by the jumble of the kitchen/ office /bathroom?
This rack is just what you expect.
Our YOMYM Classic Korean-style Multifunction 2 tiers Under Sink Racks expandable storage space and tidying in kitchen, cabinet, bathroom, or office.
This rack is not only adjustable in vertical direction, also expandable in horizontal direaction.
This under sink organiser is designed with the aim of making full use of your kitchen /bathroom/living room/ office space and getting everything organised.
Can help you easily solves your Kitchen/ office /bathroom problem!
Perfect for pipes structure under sink and other types of under sink! Solid metal piping and durable plastic shelves are modular, can be arranged to fit around any undersink pipe configuration adding desirable shelf space!

1. Durable high quality stainless steel, bright luster, easy to clean.
2. PP resin baffle, safety, environmental protection, wear resistance, anti-skid, waterproof, high temperature resistance.
3. Easy installation, baffle free disassembly, installation according to your needs, convenient and practical.
4. Corners smooth hem, polished neat and smooth, do not hurt hands.
5. Modern stylish design is ideal for any bathroom.
6. Suitable for storage in the kitchen and bathroom, living room and garden.
7. In order to make the product more stable, please install according to instruction.
8. Usuage: under your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, laundry room, living room and garden or other place you need create more place.

Package include:
1 x 2 tier Under sink storage rack (Includes 10 movable plastic shelves, 4 piping and 2 plastic racks, 8 x plastic turn-knobs)
1x Install instructions


(No reviews yet) Write a Review