Yair Emanuel Tree of Life Menorah with Birds and Pomegranates in Lazer-Cut Metal

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  • Material: Metal

  • Dimensions: 7.5x7.5x2 Inch

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  • Color : Default

  • Size : 7.5x7.5x2 Inch

This Yair Emanuel Tree of Life Menorah with birds and pomegranates in lazer-cut metal features beautifully painted birds on the base which has nine cut outs for each candlestick. This incredibly beautiful carved creation highlights Yair Emanuel's famous attention to detail. The backdrop has been crafted into a wonderfully decorated Tree of Life with in brightly painted birds and pomegranates nestled throughout the branches and green leaves. A dark blue paint has been added to the base as have painted birds and leaves continuing the gorgeous design. Nine cutouts in the base have been created for the candlesticks that are lit each night of Hanukkah. This would make an amazing Hanukkah or housewarming present for any loved one!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review