Xyron Acid-Free Permanent Adhesive Refill Cartridge for the 9-Inch Creative Station, 40-feet

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Product Overview

  • Quick change cartridge, just open the machine, remove used cartridge and guide new cartridge in using the inside tracks.

  • Apply adhesive edge-to-edge for a strong hold.

  • Works well on many surfaces, including paper, wood, acrylic, foam, fabric and more.

  • Discard after all material has been used.

  • Non-toxic, acid-free permanent adhesive

  • Refill cartridge provides acid-free permanent adhesive

  • Includes 40 feet of material for crafts and sticker making

  • Easy to load/unload; no heat, electricity, or batteries required

  • Measures approximately 9 by 5 by 3 inches

  • For use in current and older versions of the Xyron 9-inch Creative Station

  • Color : Original Version

  • Size : 40'

Acid-free permanent adhesive refill cartridge for use in the Xyron 9-inch Creative Station. Keep several on hand so you never have to miss an engaging moment of crafting and sticker making! Other easy-to-change cartridges include acid-free repositionable adhesive, double sided lamination, laminate/magnet and laminate/adhesive. The permanent adhesive cartridge contains 40-feet of material and works best when a strong hold is needed or on difficult surfaces. The 9-inch Creative Station allows you to apply an edge-to-edge adhesive on paper and other items up to 9-inches wide, such as ribbon, craft metal and more. Refill Cartridges work in the 2015 9-inch Creative Station (Item 624632) as well as older version 9-inch Creative Stations by Xyron. Simply load your item in the front, turn the handle and your item emerges from the back with an instantly dry, even layer of adhesive on the back.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review