Xyron 624632 Creative Station, 9 with 5 Option

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Product Overview

  • Xyron-Adjustable 9 Inch Creative Station

  • The New Creative Station Was Designed To Take Up Less Space On A Desk With Its Compact Style And Folding Crank Handle

  • It Will Also Allow For Greater Flexibility With Less Material Waste By Using Two Cartridge Sizes In One Machine; It Will Accept Both The 9 Inch And 5 Inch Adhesive Laminate Laminate/Magnet And Laminate/Adhesive Cartridges

  • Laminator, Sticker Maker, Magnet Maker in one simple machine

  • Comes loaded with one 25 foot by 9 inch Permanent Adhesive Cartridge

  • Uses either 9 inch or 5 inch drop in cartridges

  • Does not require batteries, heat or electricity

  • Available cartridges include permanent or repositionable adhesive, two sided laminate, laminate/magnet and laminate/adhesive

  • Color : Original Version

  • Size : 9 with 5 Option

Xyron-Adjustable 9 Inch Creative Station. The new Creative Station was designed to take up less space on a desk with its compact style and folding crank handle. It will also allow for greater flexibility with less material waste by using two cartridge sizes in one machine; it will accept both the 9 inch and 5 inch adhesive laminate laminate/magnet and laminate/adhesive cartridges. This 7x13-3/4x6 inch package contains one 9 inch long adjustable Creative Station. Non-toxic. Acid free. Imported.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review