XUNATA Addressable WS2812B SK6812 Round Ring Pixel LED Lamp Light 5050 RGB Arduino 5V (1 Pc 241 LEDs/Ring, White Board)

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Product Overview

  • Individual addressable: Each LED is addressable as the driver chip is inside the LED. So each pixel can have its own color and brightness as your wish

  • Colorful:256 brightness display and full 24-bit color display. Each LED can have its own color and brightness. You can control each LED individually and set it to any color or animation you want

  • PROGRAMMABLE:Works great with Arduino or T-1000S controller and is easy to program. Can appear colorful lighting effect with WS2812B controller

  • It is good for DIY Christmas Holiday Home Kitchen Car Bar Indoor Party Decoration

  • Different designs for you choice:1 LED/ring, 8 LEDs/ring, 12 LEDs/ring,16 LEDs/ring, 24 LEDs/ring, 32 LEDs/ring, 40 LEDs/ring, 48 LEDs/ring, 60 LEDs/ring, 241LEDs(1+8+12+16+24+32+40+48+60)

  • Color : White Board

  • Size : 1 Pc 241 LEDs/Ring

Intelligent reverse polarity protection, power supply reverse polarity will not damage the IC.
IC control circuit and a power LED spot light utility.
Control circuit chip with RGB components in a package in 5050, to form a complete external control pixels.
built-in signal shaping circuit, any one pixel after receiving the signal through the waveform shaping and then
output to ensure line waveform distortion will not accumulate.
Built-in power-on reset and brown-out reset circuit.
trichromatic color of each pixel can realize 256 highlighted,
complete 16777216 colors of all true color display,
the scanning frequency is not less than 400Hz / s.
serial cascade interface, through a signal line to complete the receiving and decoding of data.
transfer transmission distance between any two points in less than 5 meters without any additional circuitry.
When the refresh rate of 30 frames / sec, cascading number of not less than 1024 points.
data transmission speeds of up to 800Kbps.
The color of the light highly consistent, cost-effective.
With Gorgeous color, this module can be used to decorate dress or or the festival decoration
Chip: WS2812B
LED: RGB full color, high light
Voltage: 5V
PCB color : white PCB / black PCB
Platform: rduino Microcontroller with Arduino library
LedQuantities:1LED/8LED/12LED/16LED/24LED/32LED/40LED/48LED/60LED/(241LED/ring=1LED/ring+8LED/ring+12LED/ring+16LED/ring+24LED/ring+32LED/ring+40LED/ring+48LED/ring+60LED/ring , they are diffuse)
Outer dimension: 30mm(8LED), 50mm(12LED) , 70mm(16LED) ,90mm(24LED),110mm(32LED), 130mm(40LED), 150mm(48LED),170mm(60LED)
Package included :
1 x led ring


(No reviews yet) Write a Review