winesave PRO - the premium argon gas wine preserver | 100%, all-natural, food-grade argon gas | up to 150 applications

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Product Overview

  • BEST IN CLASS WINE PRESERVER - Endorsed by the worlds leading wine sommeliers as the best product to keep an open bottle of wine fresh

  • 100% PURE ARGON - First to market 100% argon product of it's kind, 2.5 times denser than oxygen forms a barrier sealing in your wine, used by winemakers worldwide

  • EASY TO USE APPLICATOR - No needles to break, no mechanism needed to pour wine, delivers argon right to the surface of the wine ensures a full argon seal

  • 150 SAVES - most on the market, preserve up to 150 bottles of wine

  • FDA APPROVED - argon is completely inert, safest way to preserve your wine

  • Color : Black

  • Size : 9L

The best solution for preserving your wine. Winesave keeps opened wine at its peak for weeks after it has first been opened. Oxidation and the resulting spoilage of opened wine is now a thing of the past. Winesave protects opened wine by laying a pure, inert and odourless gas called argon (which is heavier than air) across the wine's surface in the bottle, thereby protecting its complex characteristics of colour and taste. For the wine drinker, this means you can enjoy the luxury of wines by the glass at home. It also means that you will never again waste any wine because of oxidation, nor ever feel compelled to finish a bottle just because it has been opened. For those who serve wines by the glass in restaurants, bars, cafes and tasting rooms, Winesave will ensure that every glass is as pristine as the first, even if the bottle has been opened for days or even weeks.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review