Visdoll 5M 150 Pixel WS2812B RGB Individually Addressable Led Lights Strip, WS2811 IC 30Leds/m Dream Color Led Ribbon Lighting 5050 SMD 5V (Non-waterproof Black PCB)

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Product Overview

  • Features: The 5m Strip light come with 150Leds and 150 WS2811 IC, every 1 IC control 1 Leds. Each LED is Individually Addressable and can be Individually set to any color you want

  • Cutable: The strip can be cut off between every 1 Led without damaging the rest strip if you want it shorten or lengthen, also can be re-connect by provided connectors

  • Easy Installation: Self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for safe and easy application

  • Safe to use: The working voltage 5V DC Is extremely low heat. It is touchable and safe to children. Very suitable for indoor &outdoor lighting and decorations

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee or Free Replacement: The dream color strip is widely use to led screen making, led wall, advertising board and widely applied to hotel, KTV, bars, Outdoor advertising signs, Christmas or wedding party decoration and so on

  • Color : 5M WS2812B 150Leds Non-waterproof Black

Length: 5M/Roll
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Power: 0.3w/led ; 9w/m
LED Resource: WS2812B led(5050 SMD RGB LED with built-in improved version of WS2811 IC)
LED Quantity: total 150 LEDs
IC Type: WS2811 IC
Q'ty of IC: 30 IC/meter, total 150 IC (1 IC drives 1 led chip)
Colors: Full color RGB, dream color changing
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Work Temperature: -20~+45 degree
Waterproof: No
Cuttable: Every 1 LED is cuttable
Life span: 50000+ hrs

Package included:
1 x 5 Meter WS2812B 150 LEDs Strip Light

Kindly note
1) The package does not contain any power supply and controller.
2) The work voltage of the LED string must be 5V DC. Otherwise, it will be burnt out.

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