Visdoll 16x16 256 Pixels WS2812B 5050 RGB LED Panel, Individually addressable Full Dream Color LED Lamp Lighting

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Product Overview

  • Highly Smart. 256 brightness display and full 24-bit (16,777,216) color display. Each LED is individually addressable. You can set each LED as you wish to scroll messages or draw little images.

  • Wide Compatibility. It works great with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, FastLED library, Adafruit NeoPixel Library, Rainbowduino, SP103E, SP105E, K1000C,T1000S, etc.

  • Chainable and Bendable Design. You can extend the panel by hooking them up one by one with the 3pin JST connectors. Flexible FPCB can be gently bent and curved around surfaces.

  • Save Your Money. It works almost the same as NeoPixel but much cheaper than NeoPixel. It is sturdy, beautiful and very comparable to other similar products.

  • Applications: Great for making led screen, led wall, advertising board, Outdoor advertising signs. Applied to hotel, KTV, bars, clubs, shopping malls, architectural decorative lighting and boutique atmosphere lighting. Used as decorative lights.

  • Color : 16x16

Product Specification:
Model: WS2812B 16x16 LED digital panel
Light source: SMD 5050 RGB Work voltage: DC 5V

Power: 0.3W 0.1% per LED
Work voltage: DC 5V
IC: WS2812B (WS2811 IC built-in RGB chip)
LED Quantity: 16x16, 256 Pixels
FPCB board size: Width/80mm, Thickness/3mm
FPCB colors: black
Gray level: 256
Emitting Color: Full color (24-bit)
Plate: soft copper
Beam Angle: 120
Waterproof: IP20 not waterproof
Working Life: >50,000 hours
Working temperature:-20~40

Dream color lighting:
The WS2812B SMD5050 RGB LED, every led built-in(embedded) an WS2811 IC, therefore every one led lignting effect can be control, every RGB Led is digital addressable.

Package included:
1pc 16x16 WS2812B led panel DC5V


(No reviews yet) Write a Review