Victoria's Lavender Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Refill - Natural Organic Aromatherapy Oil for Reed Diffusers - Calming, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory - 1-Year Supply - 8 oz (Lavender)

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Product Overview

  • DISCOVER THE HEALING EFFECTS OF PURE ORGANIC LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL by choosing Victoria's Lavender handcrafted aromatherapy essential oil! While other lavender reed diffuser oil refills offer you fragrance oil, we offer you PURE top shelf essential oil from our private lavender farm in Oregon. Experience the natural air scents you've been missing!

  • RELAXING THERAPY TO ALLEVIATE STRESS, RELIEVE HEADACHES & SLEEP BETTER FOR A WHOLE YEAR! Our 8 ounce lavender reed diffuser oil refill will have a soothing and calming effect on your nervous system. The scented, therapeutic aroma will promote relaxation and better sleep. Plus, our cost-effective oil will last for 12 whole months!

  • FILL YOUR EVERY ROOM WITH A SOOTHING FLORAL SCENT BLISS that will help balance your mood, reduce restlessness and may help combat migraines. Our antibacterial and antiviral fresh lavender flower oil for reed diffuser is ideal for your living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, office or even spa and beauty salon.

  • STRAIGHT FROM OUR PRIVATE LAVENDER FARM TO YOUR HOME! We take great pride in making our anti-inflammatory lavender aromatherapy diffuser oil by hand in small batches in our lavender farm in Oregon. That is exactly why we are so confident that you will love its healing and soothing effects.

  • GET YOUR AROMATIC LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL FOR REED DIFFUSER NOW 100% RISK-FREE! If you are not 100% thrilled with our handcrafted pure sweet lavender flowers essential oil for reed sticks diffuser refill, we promise to offer you a prompt and full refund - down to the last penny! That's our UNCONDITIONAL guarantee!

Here's How You Can Turn Your Room Into A Refreshing & Healing Lavender Field From The Pacific Northwest!

Looking for pure lavender essential oil for your reed diffuser? Sick and tired of all those so-called pure and natural fragrance oils? Want to enjoy all the aromatherapy benefits of lavender essential oil for a whole year?

Introducing The Ultimate Pure Natural Lavender Reed Diffuser Oil Refill By Victoria's Lavender!

Don't settle for those low-quality fragrance oils anymore. Add the rejuvenating aroma of natural lavender to your every space. Unleash the healing properties of PURE lavender essential oil, so that you and your family can alleviate stress, feel more relaxed and sleep better!

What Makes Victoria's Lavender Essential Oil So Special?

  • Handcrafted In Small Batches In Our Private Lavender Farm In Oregon - Not Imported
  • 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil - Not Just Fragrance Oil
  • Long-Lasting Healing Effects - 8oz Bottle = 1 Year's Supply
  • Why Choose Our Lavender Aroma Diffuser Oil?

    Studies have shown that inhaling PURE lavender essential oil scent can help your body alleviate various conditions. Adding Victoria's Lavender pure reed diffuser oil to your bedroom or office may help:

  • COMBAT Stress, Anxiety & Nervous Exhaustion
  • ALLEVIATE Headaches & Migraines
  • IMPROVE Your Sleep By Relaxing Your Body & Mind
  • How To Use Our Scented Lavender Oil:

    Step 1: Pour 4oz of our PURE Lavender Essential Oil into a diffuser jar.

    Step 2: Add the reed sticks and turn them upside down for the first 24 hours to speed up the wicking process.

    Step 3: Enjoy the intoxicating fresh lavender aroma! Repeat the process in 6 months!

    Indulge Yourself! Click Add To Cart NOW & Enjoy The Invigorating Aroma Of PURE Lavender Essential Oil!


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