Star brite Clear Plastic Restorer - Haze & Scratch Remover - Step 1

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Product Overview

  • Easy to use - apply to a clean, dry cloth andrub scratches at a right angle.

  • Other plastic restorers require three steps - Star brite saves you time, money and effort by doing the job faster and better in just two steps!

  • The two-step answer to hazy, scratched, aged-looking plastic surfaces.

  • Quickly removes stains and light discoloration.

  • Follow up Clear Plastic Restorer (part #87208) with Star brite Clear Plastic Polish (part #87308) to obtain maximum shine, clarity and protection

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  • Size : 8-Ounce

Star brite is the marine industry's leading manufacturer of waxes, polishes, cleaners, teak finishes, motor oils, fuel additives and more. Because Star brite is run by avid boaters who test every item on their own boats, only the latest technology and highest-quality ingredients are used.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review