Stalwart Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Organizer Unit

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Product Overview

  • Includes: 2 shelf sides, 12 shelf slats, 4 adjustable poles, 4 grips, 8 Fasteners

  • Length: 11.325 Inch

  • Minimum Width: 17.75 Inch

  • Maximum Width: 32 Inch

  • Height: 15.325 Inch

  • Color : Multicolor

  • Size : 1 Pc

The completely customizable 2 Tier Under Sink Shelf from Stalwart turns wasted space into organized storage. With 12 different shelf height options, adjustable width and 12 shelf slats, this shelving unit fits under almost any sink. The shelf slats allow for totally customizable, movable shelving, making sure drain pipes aren't an issue. Perfect for organizing cleaning products or creating more space for pots and pans! Adjustable shelf height, adjustable shelf slats and adjustable width. Easy to assemble and fits under most sinks.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review