Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud FM Radio Alarm Clock with Bed Super Shaker for Heavy Sleepers, Teenagers, People with Hearing Loss, Seniors, and The Deaf - Sonic Boom SBR350SS

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Product Overview

  • EXTRA-LOUD FM RADIO ALARM. 113 dB loud alarm with adjustable tone & volume control.

  • POWERFUL 12-VOLT BED SHAKER VIBRATOR WITH VIBRATION STRENGTH CONTROL. Wake up through bed vibrations and is guaranteed to get you out of bed on time without disturbing anyone else in the household. The vibration is great for deaf/people who suffer from hearing loss, senior citizens, or even couples and roommates.

  • USER SELECTS SNOOZE TIME AND ALARM DURATION. Snooze time 1-30 minutes and alarm duration from 1 to 59 minutes your choice.

  • FIVE-LEVEL DIMMER. Fall asleep to the brightness of the display that you choose.& test function to ensure your clock is setup properly.

  • EXTRA LARGE DISPLAY. Clear display face that can be seen across the room.

  • Color : Clear

Wake Better! Super Loud Alarms with the industries most powerful bed shakers! Do you turn your alarm off in your sleep? Stop waking up late with this extra-loud alarm clock with strong vibrations! Features also include a dimmable display and user adjustable snooze duration to customize your clock for your needs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review