Solid Gold 300 Thread Count Twin Extra Long size Sheet Set 100 % Cotton 3pc Bed Sheet set (Deep Pocket)Twin XL By sheetsnthings

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Product Overview

  • Luxury 3pcs Twin Extra Long 300 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Weave Sheet Set *Deep Pocket fits mattress up to 18 *

  • Each Twin Extra Long Set includes: 1 Flat Sheet 70 X102 + 1 Fitted Sheet 39 X80 + 1 Pillowcase 20 X30

  • Why should I choose Sateen Cotton Sheets?! Cotton sheets come in a variety of blends & finishes- Sateen is one of them. It is weave construction that has more yarn surface on the face of the cloth than other basic weaves, giving a softer & more lustrous look resembling satin. ALL real cotton shrinks, if this doesn't happen then it's not 100% cotton! to minimize that wash with Cold water ONLY

  • How To Wash? Cotton sheets are only washed in cold water.. Washing Cotton sheets in hot water cuases 10-15% of shrinkage...Does it wrinkle? Since its Cotton yes it will but to reduce wrinkles, remove immediately & shake it out prior to placing it in the dryer on a low temperature setting & remove it while it's still slightly damp. Then you can hang it dry to lessen additional wrinkling. A natural drying is beneficial to soften them up.

  • Washing Tips: Its recommended that you wash & dry your sheets by itself..DO NOT wash sheets with towels. WHY? Towels can produce a lot of lint that will adhere to your sheets so they might come out of the dryer coated by loads of tiny lint balls. DO NOT use harsh detergents or softeners for they can damage your sheets & cause discoloration. For long lasting sheets you must follow these tips, cotton is a natural fiber, washing it correctly can enhance & soften the fabric each time is washed.

  • Color : Solid Gold

  • Size : Twin XL

Experience true luxury when you sleep on these Sateen woven solid cotton sheets 300 thread count. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of fabric--the higher the thread count, the thicker, more durable and longer lasting the material. Add a second set to have on hand for laundry day,or to mix and match for a fresh new look.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review