Smoker Insulation Blanket for Traeger Pro 22 Series and Lil' Tex Elite Keep Grilling During Winter - Compare to Lil' Tex Insulation Blanket - BAC344

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Product Overview

  • REACH HIGHER TEMPERATURES - The BBQ Butler Insulation Blanket allows you to grill at higher temperatures by trapping heat inside the grill chamber

  • USE FEWER PELLETS - Each insulated smoker blanket has been carefully designed to minimize heat loss so that you use fewer pellets and maximize fuel efficiency

  • PROTECTS YOUR SMOKER - The protective outer layer shields the smoker from the elements so that it stays in top condition even in harsh weather

  • FITS TRAEGER PRO 22 SERIES AND LIL' TEX ELITE - This is the only smoker insulation blanket that fits the Traeger Pro 22 Series and the Lil' Tex Elite. Compare to Lil' Tex Insulation Blanket - BAC344. Also fits the Trager Pro 20 like a champ

  • GRILL ALL YEAR ROUND - The Traeger Pro 22 Insulation Blanket allows you to grill all year round

Keep grilling in the cold seasons with the BBQ Butler Insulation Blanket. Each blanket has been carefully engineered by our meat masters to FIT THE TRAEGER LIL' TEX ELITE AND THE TRAEGER PRO 22 SERIES. It's the only insulating blanket to fit both the Lil' Tex Elite, Pro 22 series smokers and the Traeger Pro 20, thanks to its wider handle opening. The grill insulation Blanket for Traegers HELPS YOU GRILL AT HIGHER TEMPERATURES IN THE COLDER MONTHS. It wraps around your smoker and provides a thermal insulation layer that locks in the temperature and prevents heat loss. This means you can GET YOUR GRILL TO HEAT UP FASTER AND MAINTAIN A HIGHER TEMPERATURE in spite of the weather outside. It's perfect for when you're searing a steak or rack of lamb. Tired of constantly topping up your grill pellets? Cold weather causes your grill to burn through pellets faster to maintain its temperature. This insulated blanket REDUCES THE NUMBER OF WOOD PELLETS USED BY UP TO 50%. It locks heat inside the grill chamber, boosts fuel efficiency, and saves you money. Not only does the insulated Traeger blanket help you smoke meats perfectly, it also protects your grill. The outer layer is DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR TRAEGER FROM HARSH ELEMENTS, helping your grill last longer. It's an absolute must-have, and it's PERFECTLY SUITED TO SUB-35-DEGREE DAYS.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review