Set of 12 Unscented Red Richland Votive Candles and 12 Glass Votive Holders

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Product Overview

  • (12) Ten Hour Richland Votive Candles

  • (12) Crystal Clear Eastland Glass Votive Holders

  • 100% Cotton Wicks. Smokeless and Clean Burning.

  • Highest Quality. Candles Are Made in USA.

  • Perfect for Weddings & Other Events

  • Color : red

Very Popular, Set of 12 Votives made in the USA and Matching Glass Votive Holders Unscented Richland Votive Candles with 10 Hour burn time each. Classic votive candles. Perfect for restaurants, parties, weddings, event, or just using around the home. The candles are 1.5 in diameter and 1.5 tall. They fit perfectly in Eastland Glass Votive holders. The Votive holders are made from high quality, thick glass. The votives holder are 2.0 diameter and 2.5 height.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review