Saw Palmetto Seeds (Serenoa repens) 10+ Rare Medicinal Palm Tree Seeds

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Product Overview

  • Offering 10+ SAW PALMETTO seeds/dried berries, packaged in a paper seed envelope.

  • Germination and growing instructions are clearly displayed on each package for successful gardening every time.

  • Sold exclusively by PALM BEACH MEDICINAL HERBS - a family-owned and operated company based in the US.

  • We offer seeds for 1000s of different kinds of plants - including rare, medicinal, tropical, heirloom, organic, non-GMO, fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees, and more!

The seeds that you receive may vary in color from green to yellow to orange to black. These dried berries are sold with the intended purpose of planting. The saw palmetto is a small hardy fan palm that is a beautiful addition to tropical landscape designs and tropical gardens. This variety is green in color and will reach heights of about 7-10 feet. The fruits are round, black when ripe and about an inch in diameter. Virtually maintenance-free once established, saw palmettos can be planted in front of or underneath large palms, or used as borders, or accents. Avoid planting near walkways or where children play due to the sharp sawtooth leaf stems that can seriously cut skin. The berries of saw palmetto are commonly used in natural medicine and herbal supplements. Saw palmetto berries have always been a valuable food source for wildlife. Prefers full sun, but can tolerate partial sun. Can tolerate both drought and moist soils. USDA Hardiness Zones 8 - 10. Propagate by seed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review