Sangria No Heat! Ornamental Pepper Seeds-Unbelievably profuse! Irresistible ! (10 - Seeds)

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Sangria No Heat - Ornamental Pepper SeedsClick on the SELECT tab to
Choose the quantity you want!!!!
Choose the quantity you want!!!
I love to grow PEPPER!!!!
Sangria No Heat- Ornamental Pepper SeedsA great ornamental with child-safe , non-pungent fruit.
Beautiful purple peppers turn to orange then bright red as they ripen.
The 2-3 fruit stands tall above the contrasting green foliage, making Sangria a focal point in garden beds or containers.Unbelievably profuse, this bright upturned peppers fill the garden and your best containers with every bright shade of orange, red, crimson, scarlet, magenta, lilac, and purple over a long, lovely summer season. The best ornamental pepper for profuse fruiting and bold party colors, Sangria should be on the top of your spring planting list!Just a foot high and a bit wider, this little ornamental is everything you could ask for: quick-growing, trouble-free, well-branched, and heavy-bearing. Tiny flowers are soon replaced by nubby little green peppers that turn white and then all shades of hot. They stay and stay, keeping the display fresh and attractive long into autumn!Because Sangria is a pepper, you can also use it as a guard plant in the vegetable or flower garden, repelling insects. The fruit is actually quite mild -- no need to worry if a child gobbles one down impulsively -- but boasts the peppery scent of its more delectable cousin. Just the right size for containers and irresistible in the annual bed, Sangria may just become a mainstay of both the flower garden and the vegetable patch!
Water regularly, but do not over-water.
These are VERY easy to grow and will not disappoint You..These have a good germination rate and I always send a few

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review