Sagaform 5017744 Nature Collection Stoneware Storage Jar With Oak Lid Small White

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Product Overview

  • Stoneware storage jar with oak lid is great for storing foods, snacks and more

  • Oak lid securely closes and is airtight

  • White stoneware features a beautiful classic relief pattern and Fits any dcor, available in two sizes, large and Small

  • Measures 3.58 D x 3.88 T and holds 17 ounces; makes a great gift, fill with candy or nuts

  • Jar is dishwasher safe, lid should be wiped down with damp cloth

  • Color : White

  • Size : Small

Sagaform wants its brand and Product range to be the obvious gift choice for saturday nights' dinner hosts, or the new neighbor you want to welcome to the neighborhood, or yourself when you want to brighten up your own day. Eating together is, as is giving gifts, a way to build relationships. Sagaform has always combined gift giving and dining by offering products for the kitchen and the fine table. Finding the perfect hostess gift is easy with Sagaform. We want to accommodate our customers with the top of the line Scandinavian design gifts and tools that are functional and bring joy. Sagaform has created a series in classic wood for the kitchen and beautifully set table. Made in a classic design style, the products have oak as a Central theme. The collection has been created in collaboration with a Number of designers resulting in pieces that look perfect in every home, whether for every day or special occasions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review