QuikTea Chai Tea Latte 4 Flavor Variety Pack, Cardamom/Masala/Ginger/Lemongrass, 960 Gram (Packaging May Vary)

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Product Overview

  • BOOST HEALTH: Improve your health & wellness! All of our tea flavors are packed with nutrient rich ingredients that are as good for your health as they are delicious and comforting.

  • ALL NATURAL: At QuikTea we pride ourselves on producing teas that contain no preservatives and are all-natural so you can enjoy the health benefits of our teas the way nature intended.

  • CHOOSE FROM DIFFERENT FLAVORS: Quik Tea offers a wide selection of teas that are sure to be a hit with family, friends and co-workers. There is a flavor to suit everyone's taste, mood & craving.

  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Our tea packs make a great gift for just about anyone and is perfect for tea lovers as it allows them to explore new flavors and find a new favorite!

  • COFFEE ALTERNATIVE: Kick your coffee habit! Our teas help to elevate the mood & satisfy your craving when you're running on empty. Enjoy a tasty treat while sticking to your health goals.

  • Size : 40 Pack

QuikTea Variety Pack Chai has all the aroma of Darjeeling & Tea with the soothing flavors of Cardamom, Masala, Ginger & Lemongrass. Ease your Cares away. QuikTea is made from pure, wholesome and finest ingredients. No Preservatives added. All Natural.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review