Outsidepride Mina Lobata - 100 Seeds

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  • Outsidepride is a family owned U.S. Company. No other company on this listing is selling our seed.

  • USDA Zones: 9 - 11

  • Height: 120 inch perennial

  • Bloom Color: Orange, red, yellow

  • Sowing Rate: Soak overnight in cold water or file a tiny notch in the seed coat before sowing 1 - 2 seds per plant

  • Color : multi

  • Size : A) 100 Seeds

Firecracker Vine(Mina Lobata)- Start Mina Lobata seeds for this impressive vine that will attract lots of attention. Mina Lobata vine is a tender perennial that is typically grown as an annual. Mina Lobata has many common names: Firecracker Vine, Fire Vine, Spanish Flag Vine, and Exotic Love Vine. This plant also has a synonymous botanical name of Ipomoea Lobata. The early Spanish Flag flower is reddish-orange, fading to orange, yellow, and white flowers in mid-summer to fall. This member of the morning glory family produces masses of dazzling 1 - 2 inch tubular flowers that mature and grow on this climbing vine that can reach 10 feet tall. Firecracker Vine has twining stems which are best grown on wire or lattice frames, and when it is in full bloom, it will never be forgotten! Exotic Love Vine Mina Lobata is incredibly showy, and it deserves to be the focal point of your flower garden.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review