Milemont Garden Sprinkler Lawn Irrigation System 360 Degree Rotating Lawn Sprinkler Automatic Garden Water Sprinklers (2018)

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Product Overview

  • POWERFUL IRRIGATION - The Milemont garden lawn sprinkler 360 degree automatic rotating water spray with 3 adjustable rotating arms and 12 built-in different angle spray nozzles delivers powerful watering every corner of your garden.

  • IMMENSE COVERAGE - The sprinkler spray distance is from 26 - 32.8ft with an 80 PSI water pressure, covering up to 3600 square feet evenly. The 2 designed water inlets connect with multiple sprinklers to irrigate larger areas.

  • MULTI-PURPOSE - This garden lawn sprinkler is great for irrigating your lawn, garden, trees, agricultural land, tall plants or for kids to play in the summer and more. The adjustable 3 spray arms offer 15-45 degrees of irrigation for easy targeting.

  • DURABILITY AT ITS BEST - This sprinklers irrigation system is made with premium thick ABS material and equipped with TPR encapsulated sides. Connect with a regular hose for watering.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are extremely happy with our garden sprinkler, therefore we offer 18 months warranty and additionally a 30 day no questions asked refund policy for all our customers.

  • Material_Type: Fabric

  • Color : Green

  • Size : 2018 Edition

The Milemont lawn sprinkler takes great take care of your garden, lawn and plants keeping them energized every day.

The Water sprinkler irrigation system with 360 degree rotating, 3 adjustable spray arms and 12 built-in different angle spray nozzles spray various corners and larger areas easily. Hus change the angle from 15-45 degrees for each nozzle to change spray patterns based on your needs.

The water sprinkler can be targeted to save water most by adjusting the water density, size and scope. It has 2 water inlets which are convenient for you to add an additional sprinkler to cover larger areas for irrigation. It is efficient and quick, saving you time and water.
The sprinkler is very flexible to use. It comes with a removable small black connector, which connects with regular hoses. Also it is compatible with US threads hoses. The quick connect sprinkler hose adapter makes installation super quick. You can also connect it with a timer unit to automatically start based on your watering schedule.

- Product Weight: 0.66lb/ 0.3 kg
- Sprinkler Size: 8.6in *7.8in *1.9in
- Color: All-black sprinkler head + green base
- Material: Premium thick ABS plastic + TPR encapsulated sides

- Water Inlet: 2 water inlet
- Spray Distance: 26ft-32.8 ft
- Sprinkler Rotating Angle: 360 degrees
- Design: 3 arms with 12 built-in spray nozzles
- Working Water Pressure: From 30PSI to 80PSI
- 3 Arms Spray Nozzle: 15-45 degrees adjustable


(No reviews yet) Write a Review