Jackass Bitters aka Zeb-a-Pique, Tres Puntas, La Gavilana (Neurolaena Lobata) 2Oz Product of Belize.

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  • A Natural Bitter multi-use Herb which can be drawn as a tea or infused in wine or white rum to make Bitters

  • Jackass Bitters was believed to be a sacred plant of the Mayans and used as a ceremonial incense

  • According to the Garafunas, a daily shot of this mixture they call gifit can keep the doctor away

  • Sustainably harvested and dried by small farmers in Belize

  • Grows in pristine rain forest free of pollutants and chemicals

  • Size : 2 Ounces

A Natural Bitter Herb from the Belizian Rain Forest believed to address several issues of wellness


(No reviews yet) Write a Review