Firman 1005 Inverter Portable Generator Parallel Kit

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Product Overview

  • Connects two Firman inverter generators together to double or Triple your power! connect any two inverters, even inverters of different wattage!

  • Combine any 2 Firman inverters from our Firman inverter family, 2100's, 3300' s - mix and match as you need and/or desire

  • Compatible with generator models W03081, W03082, and W03083

  • Outlet covers to protect the outlets from Dust and debris

  • 120 day Warranty

  • Color : Black

The FIRMAN Parallel Kit double or even triples your power by connecting two FIRMAN inverter generators together. Exclusive to FIRMAN products, this kit combines any two Inverters from our FIRMAN inverter family, even two generators of different wattage. Integrated outlet covers come standard on our parallel kit to protect the outlets from dust and debris. Weve also included a LED light under each outlet for improved visibility anytime.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review