FHC Vanity Makeup Mirror Trifold with Upgraded Touch Screen - Lighting 21 LED Lights, 1x/2x/3x Magnification, 180 Adjustable Stand, and High-Power USB Charging Backlight

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Product Overview

  • 21 BRIGHT ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHTS - Our newly designed and fully adjustable touchscreen LED lights allow you to confidently bring your Contour vanity mirror with you anywhere you go knowing that you will have the perfect lighting to apply your makeup like a pro in any environment.

  • ADJUSTABLE 180 ROTATION STAND - We reinforced our lighted makeup mirror with a new and reliable heavy-duty pivot point that is guaranteed to stay in place wherever you leave it to give you that perfect angle when you need it most.

  • OUR NEW 3X MAGNIFICATION - After Tons of research, we revealed that placing the 3x magnifier on the bottom left side caused the need to crouch down in order to take advantage of the magnification. So we strategically placed our 3x magnifier on the top right for a more natural transition between 1x and 3x magnification.

  • USB & BATTERY POWER SUPPLY - Our powerful LED cosmetic makeup mirror is powered by your choice of either 4 AAA batteries (not included), or micro USB wire to USB direct plug in (cord included).

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We've been manufacturing makeup mirror's for over 20 years. And with this new industry leading lighted vanity mirror and our amazing customer service, we guarantee to enhance your routine and exceed your expectations!

  • Color : White

Would you agree that applying makeup is a whole lot easier when the lighting is perfect?

If so, youre not alone! In fact, 9 out of 10 women agree that having good lighting is the most important tool for perfecting your routine!

But your old and dim bathroom lights just dont cut it. You need perfect lighting that you can rely on anytime and anywhere!

Thats why we developed the Contour Lighted Makeup Mirror with 21 industry leading, fully adjustable, LED Lights.

Now you might be asking yourself, whats the difference between our lighted makeup mirror and any other lighted makeup mirrors on the market today?

Its simple really

Our Lighted Makeup Mirror was thoroughly designed and tested based off of REAL problems that people just like you and I were having.

You see, Other brands order their products from random warehouses in other countries that often cut corners in production quality to ensure low prices.

But unlike other similar mirrors on the market, We have been manufacturing mirrors in the Beauty industry for over 20 years. So when you purchase from Contour, you know that you are purchasing a quality made product.

Heres why Contour is the best

  • Industry Leading LED lights (New Spring 2018) with Brighter more Vibrant Lighting
  • Smooth and Unlimited adjustable lighting (New)
  • TouchScreen Power On/Off
  • 1x/2x/3x Magnification
  • Adjustable 180 Rotating Stand
  • USB and/or Battery Power Supply
  • Open & Close Trifold Design

Join our family of satisfied customers TODAY, and consider grabbing one for a friend too while supplies last!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review