DIG B221B Drip Emitter, Black

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Product Overview

  • Maintains constant flow of 1 gallon per hour at 10 to 45 psi

  • Internal Silicone diaphragm prevents dripper from clogging

  • Consistent flow enables a longer lateral over a wide range of pressures

  • Can be installed to poly Tubing or Micro tubing

  • Made from durable, UV-resistant plastic material

  • Color : Black

Digs 1 GPH pressure compensating drippers are designed to produce & maintain a consistent flow rate regardless of fluctuations in water pressure or differences in landscape elevation. This feature allows for the most accurate & consistent irrigation, so your plants receive just The Right amount of water. With a 1/4 barbed inlet, this dripper can easily be installed into 1/2 poly tubing or at the end of the 1/4 micro tubing without the need of any tools or glue.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review