Courtney39;s Fragrance Lamp Oils - 16oz - Honeysuckle Rose

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  • HONEYSUCKLE ROSE - Enchanting fragrance of an English garden.

FREE Fragrance Lamp Offer with purchase of $160 of Courtneys Fragrance Lamp Oils. Courtney's features over 150 fragrances of Fragrance Lampe Oil. Courtney's has been creating wonderful super-premium scented candles for over 14 years .... we've been applying our fragrance expertise to Catalytic or Effusion Fragrance Lampe Oils for years now. Check out the Courtney's Fragrance Lamp Oil Customer Testimonials . Sold in a 16 fluid ounce bottle. Courtney's uses only the very finest fragrances and ingredients so our fragrance oil is of the highest possible quality ... 100% Made in USA No fancy bottles No stylistic bottle tops No fancy labels with pretty pictures of flowers, etc - (I think the labels are special - it's a picture of my daughter) ... just great Lampe Oil at great prices ... Thousands of Courtney's Fragrance Lampe Oil customers confirm ... all our Fragrance Lampe Oils work great in any Brand of Fragrance or Effusion Lamp. Scents not listed in the pull down menus are temporarily out of stock. Not for use in kerosene lamps or any lamps that have a continuous flame. Courtneys offers a very wide array of fragrance lamp oil choices. Most burn clear , but some have a tendency to produce a little harmless white smoke while burning in certain wick styles. As per CARB, Fragrance Lamps & Oils may NOT ship to California. CINNAMON EMBERS - Glowing embers infused with notes of cinnamon and swirling wood smoke. OXYGEN- Oxygen has fresh notes of pine spines and lemon peels. - Duplicated from the Millefiori Milano best seller. COLD WATER - Fresh notes of sandalwood, rosemary, lemon and bergamot. VANILLA WOOD - Sweet vanilla notes, strengthened by the presence of ebony woods and sandalwood


(No reviews yet) Write a Review