CINCH Traps-Medium Mole Trap Kit: Two Mole traps with tunnel marking flags and instructions- Made in America

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Product Overview

  • Description: This two (2) trap set is ideal for trapping moles.

  • Very durable, simple to set and highly effective mole control. Detailed instructions included.

  • When purchasing the right sized CINCH Traps. Easily measure the diameter of the mole tunnel system and match this to the correct size of trap needed.

  • The CINCH end of the trap opens to approx. 2.25 in diameter.

  • This kit comes only with the traps, flags and instructions.

This is the dimensions of the trap L=12 , W=7 , H=4 . This size of trap is for tunnels approx. 2 1/4 inches in diameter. This CINCH Mole trap is ideal for killing moles. CINCH mole traps have been made in the USA since 1909, and are tested and approved by the U.S. Forest Service. Whether you're a homeowner, farmer, or professional trapper, CINCH mole traps are the ideal traps for ridding your lawn of pesky moles.

Get What the Professionals Use

This mole trap gives you what you need for an affordable price to take your mole problem on by yourself. Professional exterminators can cost hundreds of dollars, and mole runs criss-crossing your lawn can cause incalculable amounts of neighborhood embarrassment. This product comes with two mole traps, an instructional brochure to describe how to use the trap, and two marker flag to place inside the mole run.

Mole Killing 101:

Using CINCH mole traps is simple. Find a mole mound by following a mole run till you come to a conical mound of soil not much over a foot in diameter. Each mound is connected with another in a line by the mole's underground runway system.

Once you find a mole mound, dig down below the surface (usually about 6 to 8 ) and you will find 2 tunnels in either direction. Set the traps up back to back so it can kill moles coming from both directions.

Please consult the instructional brochure on setting the CINCH trap. After placing the CINCH trap in the mole run, place the marker flag by the mole run and check back daily. While it may take several days for the mole to come investigate the disturbance to his run, the CINCH trap will stay active till the mole comes down the runway. Once the mole activates the trap, the jaws will spring shut and choke the mole.

Cleanup Time

Cleaning up the mole is easy. Lift the CINCH trap out of the ground, walk to your garbage, and release the trap. No mess and no touching the mole. And remember: mole coats used to be fashionable in England!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review