Ausable 5 ft. 3/32 Coyote Snare with Washer Lock & Looped End 1 Dozen

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Product Overview

  • 5' of quality galvanized 7x7 3/32 Aircraft Cable

  • Looped End

  • Proven trusted washer lock

  • Rubber support collar. These collars will accept wires ranging from #9 to #14 and make it easy to stabilize your snare.

  • This snare includes a Crimp-on Deer Stop.

* Will work great for snaring coyote, coon, fox, bobcat, beaver and similar sized animals. * Snares are one of the most effective animal control devices on the market. * 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Modern snares are an effective wildlife management tool. Animal nuisance control operators and fur trapper's can carry dozens at a time and the cost is a fraction of traditional traps and live traps. Snares can be effectively used on most animals from small squirrels to large bears. Snares are a major benefit at times of freezing weather and snow, as snares continue to be effective even under freezing conditions. It is your responsibility to know and follow your state's snaring regulations. Proper placement of the snare along with the proper loop diameter and height off the ground is very important when snaring animals. The following chart has the recommended loop diameter and height off the ground for the most commonly snared animals.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review