Aspectek Safe and Practical Insect and Ant Killer Powder Duster.

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Product Overview

  • SAFELY DISPENSE POWDER PESTICIDES OR BAITS: Used to dispense diatomaceous earth or other types of dust pesticides and baits safely

  • IMPROVED DUSTER SHAPE: Improved shape holds more diatomaceous earth or other pesticides and baits and includes finger indents to allow for better grip and easy release of powder

  • PRECISE APPLICATOR: Designed for accessing those hard to reach areas, such as narrow spaces behind furniture or under leaves. Diatomaceous Earth is effective against bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches, ants, slugs, termites, aphids, spiders, and more.

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Bulb, tip, and extension are made of high quality polypropylene, ensuring long-lasting use with little maintenance

  • EASY TO USE BULB: Easy to use, easy compression, for use in a wide variety of settings both indoor and outdoor, including your kitchen. 100% GUARANTEED PRODUCT!

  • Color : White

Why choose The Aspectek Pest Control Powder Duster? Our improved Pest Control Powder Duster is the perfect way to apply diatomaceous earth or other types of baits into hard to reach crevices. Each Aspectek Pest Control Powder Duster comes with a nozzle tip with extension to get to those hard to reach spots, like behind narrow furniture or under leaves. The bulb, tip, and extension are made of high grade polypropylene, ensuring the dust bait applicator will last many seasons with very little maintenance required. Designed to allow you access to those hard to reach areas and keep the diatomaceous earth or other types of powder bait flowing freely, the Aspectek Pest Control Powder Duster is a perfect tool for your home and garden. How it works: Simply fill the bulb with diatomaceous earth or other pesticide dusts and powders. Squeeze to release dust or powder and use the nozzle applicator to guide the dust in hard to reach areas. Includes: - Polypropylene bulb with finger indents for easy release of powder and dust - Secure plastic base - A nozzle tip applicator with extension Tips for using: 1. Minimal Clogging - when first using the duster, start with light puffs and turn upside down as necessary to reduce clogging 2. Keep powder as dry as possible, as it will clump and not puff properly if wet 3. Also, be careful not to fill the duster to much when first starting out to prevent clogging. 4. After two to three times use, need to shake the duster smoothly to avoid the stuck About Aspectek: Aspectek is a Canadian brand trusted for over 25 years as a leader in effective pest control products designed with quality and affordability in mind. All Aspectek products are covered under a one year manufacturer's .


(No reviews yet) Write a Review