Alpha Thrive Dethatcher 5000 Sq. Ft. Liquid, Rtu 32 Oz

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Ingredients: Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients: Bacillus subtillis 8,000,000 CFU/ml Pseudomonas aerugiensis 8,000,000 CFU/ml Bacillus thurngiensis 8,000,000 CFU/ml Pseudomonas fluourescens 8,000,000 CFU/ml Total bacteria 0.4% Description: Liquid Thatch Remover Thrive is a concentrated natural microbial treatment which will become your solution for removing thatch in just one season. It is an earth-friendly living microbial treatment for your lawn that creates a rish, natural fertilizer and eliminates the need for power raking and back breaking labor. THRIVE can be mixed with water or applied directly to the soil. THRIVE contains no fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide. THRIVE is safe to use around pets when used as directed and will not interfere with other treatments. The bacteria in THRIVE will remain viable between 35 and 120 degrees with as little as 18% soil moisture. Application Recommendations: Estimated 4 minutes of spray time will dispense contents. Treats 5,000 sq. ft. Apply once ground temperature has reached 45 F or more. For best results apply in the evening followed by a light watering. Use 3 times per year. Customer Testimonial: Anyone who uses this product, buys it again . - Alpha Biosystems I'm blown away by how well Thrive works on my plants. My fellow gardeners and horticulturists report equally spectacular results. - The Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett


(No reviews yet) Write a Review