10 Latex Spider Web Halloween LED Light Up Balloons, 5ct

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Product Overview

  • Package of 5 Latex Spider Web Halloween LED Light Up Balloons

  • Halloween LED Balloons measure 10 when inflated

  • Glow in the dark balloons are fun for a Halloween party, Halloween wedding, costume party, or haunted house, and are best used at night

  • These spider web balloons are intended to be filled via an air pump (not your mouth or with helium)

  • Coordinate with other party supplies and Halloween party decorations from Unique

  • Color : Black/White

  • Size : 10

Spin a web of glowing intrigue at your costume party with our Latex Spider Web Halloween LED Light Up Balloons. The black spiders perched on their web on these LED balloons make them ideal for a Halloween wedding or Halloween party. Whether they're arranged individually throughout your party space, combined into brilliant table centerpieces, or added to party backdrops, these balloons will keep the spooktacular festivities illuminated all night long. Our Halloween balloons have a small LED light that is easy to activate and are best suited for nighttime events.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review